Viktor Luszcz, Some Reflections on European Court Procedure. A Practical Guide, Hart Publishing, 2020, pp. XLVIII-730

The volume offers a detailed analysis of the Court’s procedural law. It is a well-conceived, soundly structured and accessible work which guides the reader, typically practicing lawyers and specialized academics, through the mazes of EU procedural law. It is based on an exhaustive examination of the abundant normative apparatus (both hard and soft law) and of the impressive pertinent case law. After examining the rules pertaining to the judicial organization of the EU, the Author(s) focuses on the judicial review mechanisms. Infringement procedures are considered together with preliminary rulings on the interpretation to fully appreciate the degree of compliance with EU law on the part of the Member States. Direct actions are subsequently examined to highlight the respect of EU law by the Institutions, bodies, offices and agencies. Finally, the more technical, procedural aspects are tackled from a practical angle without hindering clarity. By reason of the above this is undoubtedly a must-have for those who work with and study the Luxembourg Court.

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