Eurojus is committed to promote the debate and the information on the process of European integration. Scholars and professionals are invited to submit their manuscripts or to report any ruling and other relevant documents that are not readily available. The submission of manuscripts implies the acceptance of the Review’s ethical code as well as the uniformity to its style rules. Manuscripts published on Eurojus are divided into two categories:

  • short comments around 800 words that are aimed at providing rapid and concise information on necessarily current events;
  • articles, from 8,000 to 10,000 words (footnotes included), to make a wider analysis on EU Law topics.

Authors are invited to submit their manuscripts for publication in WORD format to and they will be subject to a double blind peer review in accordance with the general principles described in the ethical code. The submission of a CV is required and it will appear as Author’s description if the article/comment is accepted for publication. In order to help the editorial staff to guarantee the maximum anonymity while reviewing, the Authors are kindly invited to remove from the file any information related to their name and affiliation (for further details, please see an example here) as well as to separate the CV from the article/comment.