Riccardo Molé

Riccardo Molé si è laureato in Giurisprudenza presso l’Università di Bologna e ha conseguito un LL.M. presso il Collegio d’Europa di Brugge. E’ attualmente praticante avvocato.


Articoli pubblicati su Eurojus:

  • The International Skating Union Case (AT.40208): Sanctioning Sanctions for Participation in Unsanctioned Events?

    Introduction They might not be direct competitors on the track as they race in different disciplines but, as a matter of fact, 1500m Olympic Champion Mark Tuitert and short track World Champion Niels Kerstholt teamed up to file a complaint with the European Commission (“Commission”) against the International Skating Union (“ISU”) for violation of Arts. […]

  • The curious case of Daniel Striani (C-299/15): a missed opportunity

    Roughly two months ago, among the followers of the intriguing Striani saga there was great excitement. On June 19th, the Tribunal de première instance de Bruxelles referred three preliminary questions to the European Court of Justice (ECJ), aimed at letting the latter assess whether the UEFA Financial Fair-Play (FFP) complied with EU law. Such an […]